Students Discuss How the New Cellphone Policy has Changed


Credit: Charlotte Pelton

Western students find it harder to socialize with cellphones present.

Charlotte Pelton, Staff Writer

The new cell phone policy being implemented at Western is very controversial. Simply put, the cell phone policy or “away for the day” is the rule that students must have their phones put away or in their backpacks all day. It seems that many Western students disagree with the new policy, although some support it. Jameson Atkins, a freshman, says that he thinks “Students shouldn’t have their phones during class […] its easier to stay focused, and students can center their attention on the material instead of texting.” however, other students strongly disagree with the policy.

There is evidence that supports the “away for the day” policy. Millions of articles have been written showing strong evidence that cell phones can affect students’ social lives. FOMO, or fear of missing out, is just one example of a negative impact on students through phones. Having cell phones out can be easy access for students hoping to cheat on a test. But is the cell phone policy even working?

Even though the idea behind the cell phone policy is justified; focused students, a connected community, and less social anxiety, the answer may not be as easy as taking away students’ phones. 

Some students disagree with the policy like Nicholas Wankhar, a freshman who says “No. it doesn’t help me focus because if I had my phone next to me in class, I would still be able to focus just as well as if it was in my backpack.” The lack of cell phones throughout Western makes it difficult for parents to reach their students in case of emergency.

 Henley Middle School follows the same rules as Western and enforces the cellphone policy into students’ everyday lives. But did it work at Henley? Almost nothing stops the students from using their phones at school, as they are easy to hide. The cellphone policy becomes increasingly lenient as the school year goes on. Perhaps the best thing for Albemarle County is to accept that having cell phones out all the time is simply the future. 

Why learn to divide when your phone can do it in half a second? Why wonder when I have the answer to any question I could think of at my fingertips? Cell phones bring endless opportunities, but are they a crutch? Although the policy remains to be controversial, it seems as though the county will keep enforcing it at least for now, meaning the anonymous student will have to wait until he gets home to see if his “Roblox girlfriend levels up in adopt me”