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The student news site of Western Albemarle High School - Crozet, VA

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The student news site of Western Albemarle High School - Crozet, VA

The Western Hemisphere

Debate: Easter Prom Dresses vs. “Traditional Prom Dresses”

Millie Wiegard, Staff Writer May 29, 2024

There is a recurring popular question this spring, debating none other than prom dresses. Prom is one of the most memorable moments of high school, which people will reminisce on for decades. A new trend...

 According to the American Apparel and Footwear Association, Americans purchase an average of 64 new items of clothing each year.

Fast Fashion: How Micro-Trends are Fueling Climate Change

Audrey Miracle, Editor-in-Chief May 26, 2024

You’re scrolling through TikTok, uninterested as you thumb through various videos, when one catches your eye. You stall your scrolling, watching as an influencer dumps a crate-load of clothing onto the...

The AP limit has forced students to sacrifice the opportunity to take certain classes, adding on a whole new level of stress.

The Reality of the 9 AP Cap: Reduced Stress is Being Prioritized Over Student Success

Annabelle Mackey, News Editor May 6, 2024

We’ve seen it time and time again. Whether it be the late work policies or the grade inflation or even the confusingly labeled “Advanced” on-level classes, Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS)...

While no longer on the table for this year, it still is a looming schedule choice.

7+1 Period: A Way to Relieve Stress or a New Thing to Stress About?

Ike Noth, Assistant Editor February 15, 2024

7+1 is a concept for a new(ish) schedule that ACPS is trying to propose as a new high school schedule. The idea is that it would remove an elective space from the schedule and turn it into a schoolwide...

The Tri-Lab combines 3 different classrooms and a hallway into one space with an innovative structure.

WAHS Renovations: Breaking Down Walls Just to Throw Them Back Up

Jack Steenburgh, Editor-in-Chief December 4, 2023

Last year, it was rumored that the parking lot was getting an extension with more spots after years of advocacy from the student body. Instead, when students returned, there were renovations to the bathrooms,...

Across the state, students, like these at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, organized walkouts to protest Youngkin’s new model policies.

Get Them Out of Here: Youngkin’s Model Policies Violate the Rights of Trans Students

Opal Kendall, Editor-in-Chief January 4, 2023

Trigger Warning: This article contains brief mentions of self harm and suicide. In case you missed it, the Youngkin administration is attacking the basic human rights of Virginia students. Shocker....

Claire McMahon shares the discrimination and harassment she experiences while reporting on sports for the Western Hemisphere.

Claire McMahon: Pretty Young Thing

Claire Mc, Sports Editor January 4, 2023

Women in sports fields are often unrepresented, disproportionately reported, ignored, and mistreated. Women’s participation in sports journalism is still new. Female journalists began reporting on...

Things I Wish I Knew Before Applying to College

Things I Wish I Knew Before Applying to College

Lee Marcel, Editor-in-Chief June 10, 2022

As a first born child, college applications seemed incredibly daunting. I didn’t have siblings or older friends to tell me what to do. I was super stressed about applications due to all the counselors...

slide showing the definition of anti-racism

Lawsuit Seeks to Undermine Essential Education About Race and Culture

Opal Kendall, Assistant Editor March 16, 2022

Let’s talk lawsuit. On December 22, 2021, five local families, all with children from the Western feeder pattern, filed a lawsuit against the Superintendent's Office and the Albemarle County School Board,...

Sign Language:  A Language Without Sound

Sign Language: A Language Without Sound

Thea Spitzner, Staff Writer June 7, 2021

Sign language is not just for deaf people! It’s for everyone.  Studies have shown that ASL can benefit all babies, not just those who are deaf, or diagnosed disabled. Lane Rebelo, founder of Tiny...

Student Sandra Wicks, a member of the Charlottesville Twelve, enters Venable Elementary School on September 8, 1959.

Students Must Learn the Hard History of their School Systems

Opal Kendall, Staff Writer June 4, 2021

The Anti-Racism Policy, adopted by Albemarle County in 2019, recognizes that "educators play a vital role in reducing racism and inequity by recognizing the manifestations of racism, creating culturally...

Pictured left to right: Sheikh Mansour, owner of Manchester City FC, Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid CF, and Joel Glazer, owner of Manchester United FC

European Football Survives in Spite of Owners

Tatiana Bird, Staff Writer May 24, 2021

It’s hard to quantify what European football means to its fans. While it may seem inane to most people, the relationship between a fan and their team is not unlike a marriage. Fans endure the highs and...

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