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The student news site of Western Albemarle High School - Crozet, VA

The Western Hemisphere

The student news site of Western Albemarle High School - Crozet, VA

The Western Hemisphere

The student news site of Western Albemarle High School - Crozet, VA

The Western Hemisphere

The First WAHS tiny house laid the groundwork for new versions, and was finished in 2017.
The New Tiny House: A Revival of Old WAHS Traditions
Jack Steenburgh, Editor-in-Chief • February 15, 2024

You’ve most likely seen at least one HGTV show on some sort of wacky housing...

The bathrooms perpetually smell like the signature synthetic flavors that vape companies boast
Admin Takes on Vaping, Western’s Most Commonplace Crime
Ika Gottlieb, Staff Writer • February 14, 2024

Everyone at Western knows something about vaping. Even if you never see the...

Above: Affectionately known as “Scotty Jeff” by students, Jefferies is regarded just as well 
by them as by his colleagues.
Unsung Hero Of Western: Scott Jeffries
Isabella Stewart, Staff Writer • February 14, 2024

Your feet quietly trudge down the hallway, and you rub your eyes wondering why...

McLernan stands in the caafeteria just after the breakfast rush
Unsung Heroes of Western: Richard McLernan
Maria Kinnan, Assistant Editor • November 13, 2023

Richard McLernan wakes up every morning, excited to go to his job. His favorite...

A junior girls group (L to R: Ava Nauman, Elsie MacCleery, Caroline Grist, Lucy Vigilante, Ella Pinto, Emily See, Gigi Hathaway, Jean-Nika VDW, Mackenzie Kinnan)  sings Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars for their singing valentine.
Singing Valentines Gallery
Cooper Shelton, Staff Writer • February 20, 2024

Molina plans to return to Spain for his senior year, but would like to attend college in the United State.
The Culture Shock is Real: From Seville to Suburbia
Owen Streed, Staff Writer • February 19, 2024

Eduardo Molina is an exchange student here at Western for the entire 2023-24 school year.  For his junior year, Molina has come from Seville, a city in southern Spain, to study...

Ayda Jones also helped run the dress swap for the Sustainable Fashion club.
Ayda Jones: The Forensic Scientist
Maria Kinnan, Student Life Editor • February 15, 2024
Peer Tutoring helps both clients and tutors gain a better understanding of the subject.
Peer Tutoring: Students Helping Students
Reid Keller, Staff Writer • February 14, 2024
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Napoleon looks onward towards the battlefield, with the French army by his side.
Real or Not? Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” Review
Wyatt Witt, A&E Editor • February 19, 2024

The film “Napoleon” oversimplifies the history of the Napoleonic Wars. It really felt like a movie and not a history lesson, which was good for some scenes. The battle scenes...

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Piper, the small poodle mix, will be joining WAHS and the counseling team this week. She was a hit 
during her first Warrior period and is coming back every Thursday for the rest of the year. Piper is a 
therapy dog that will help improve and uplift the Western spirit
Therapy Dog to Visit WAHS Weekly
Audrey Miracle, Editor-in-Chief • February 15, 2024

Veomle sports a 11 game-point-average and 5 rebounds per game.
Kate Voelmle: Balancing Success in the Classroom and on the Court
Jack Connelly, Assistant Editor • February 19, 2024

Kate Voelmle has been a crucial part of Western’s Girls Varsity Basketball...

While no longer on the table for this year, it still is a looming schedule choice.
7+1 Period: A Way to Relieve Stress or a New Thing to Stress About?
Ike Noth, Assistant Editor • February 15, 2024

7+1 is a concept for a new(ish) schedule that ACPS is trying to propose as a...

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