Crozet Creamery

Sophie Creager-Roberts, Staff Writer

Andrew Holzwarth, a freshman at Western, will start scooping homemade ice-cream next week at the Crozet Creamery at Piedmont Place. After finalizing his workers permit and killing his interview, Holzwarth has earned his position at the new shop. Other students at Western have sent in applications to the Creamery, hoping to earn some extra cash during the school year and summer.

Molly Gobble, a freshman, plans to work there over the summer while soccer dies down for a couple of weeks. However, Adriana Bland has already begun serving ice cream at the shop. “I recognize people all the time since Crozet is pretty small. Sometime’s I don’t even know how I know them, ” Bland says about her new and extremely busy job.

After multiple interviews, most everyone seemed to be in love with one flavor in particular.

“The Krispy-Kreme flavor was fantastic, it was so good. I could eat it forever,” commented Sophie O’Donnell, a frequent Creamery customer.  The owner of the shop, Michael, who is a Charlottesville native, invented this unique flavor by adding Krispy-Kreme donuts to hand-spun vanilla ice-cream. Other flavors offered at the Creamery include recipes from Michael’s grandfather as well as a variety of dairy free options.
Another fan of the shop, sophomore Thomas Jackson commented, “I love the location, they have a nice view and the red velvet flavor is so so good.” If you’re looking for a new place to hang out with your friends that also serves tasty treats, Crozet Creamery is the place to go. They are open Tuesday through Sunday from 12-9 pm and are located at Piedmont Place.