WAHS College Commits


Sophie O'Donnell, Social Media Editor

Lilly Argenbright, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, Rowing

“I chose UNC because I felt at home when I stepped on campus. I loved the people and the historical feel of the campus. Also I want to be a surgeon and they have one of the best premedical programs in the country which would increase my chances of getting into med school.”

Caity Driver, University of Virginia, Rowing

“I’m really looking forward to getting started working with them team and getting on grounds.”

Jack Eliason, University of Virginia, Track and Cross Country

“I decided to commit to Uva because since I was in elementary I idolized the athletes and treated UVa like the “good guys” and the academic reputation along with the incredible athletic milestones the university had along with the amazingly passionate community in Cville made me say to myself, “How could this not be my home for the next four years?” I guess it’s true that what they say “once a wahoo, always a wahoo” can apply to kids as well.”

Molly Gobble, Virginia Wesleyan University, Soccer

“I chose Virginia Wesleyan for the people. When you commit, you are committing to represent your school alongside the rest of your teammates. Since you are spending so much time with those around you, you want to see a positive relationship. I definitely felt welcome and comfortable inside the Virginia Wesleyan community in comparison to other schools I was looking to play at. Also, Virginia Wesleyan has been a big part of my family. My uncle played basketball in college and there are pictures of me with the team and him when I was a little baby. So naturally it just felt like home.”

Francis Hajek, University of Virginia, Squash

“The coach is a really good guy and the facilities are amazing. I’m really looking forward to being part of the team and representing the Charlottesville squash community.”

Noah Hargrove, Kenyon College, Swimming

“I am looking forward to the opportunities that both the school and swim team will offer me to grow and develop as a person along with the comradeship and connections I will get to make being part of a team.”

Stephanie Hass, Christopher Newport University, Tennis

“Even though they are D3 they are treated like a D1 and compete really well with other good D1 schools. I am looking most forward to pushing myself to that next level of competing and getting to have an amazing team to work with and possibly have a chance to win a national championship.” 

Joe Hawkes, University of Virginia, Track and Cross Country

“I chose to run at UVA because they recently hired one of the most successful college cross country in college cross country history and I wanted the opportunity to train and race under his leadership. I also know that the team is progressively getting better each year, and I want to play a role in continuing their rise to the top.”

Sterling Hull, James Madison University, Track and Cross Country

“I chose JMU because as soon as I met the team, I felt a really strong connection with them and I knew those were the type of people I wanted to surround myself with. I’m super excited for the challenge of running at the D1 level because I think it will definitely bring me out of my comfort zone and allow me to grow as a person.”

Alex Ix, Virginia Tech, Tennis

“I chose Tech because I really liked the team, coaching staff, and the facility. I’m most excited to be able to represent such a great school in a positive light.”

Zach Mallia, University of North Carolina- Greensboro, Baseball

“I chose UNCG because of the opportunity to win games along with the opportunity to improve as a baseball player underneath their new coaching. I’m really excited for my first start and facing college players for the first time.”

Tommy Mangrum, Hood College, Basketball

“I chose Hood because I loved the coaching staff. They seem like great coaches and while recruiting me, all the coaches really took their time to get to know me on a personal level which meant a lot to me. I love the campus. It’s small and isolated from the city which I’ve always wanted in a school. It’s very pretty and it feels like home when I step foot there. They’re a good team and fairly new (they were an all girls school until 15 years ago). They’ve had a lot of recent success and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Stuart Terrill, University of Richmond, Track and Cross Country

“I loved the campus, felt a great bond with the team, and the program is very accepting of my individual needs whereas if I went to a different school I would be forced to overtrain and possibly get injured.”

Jake Wilson, Hood College, Lacrosse

“I chose Hood because of the smaller class environment and I’m very excited to play for the next four years.”

Bailey Wood, College of Charleston, Soccer

“I chose the College of Charleston because of the beautiful campus and the city of Charleston as well as the great coaching staff and competitive program there. I’m most excited to start playing and getting to know everyone on the team.”

Colby Wren, Dickinson College, Soccer

“I committed to Dickinson because it was a good academic and athletic fit for me. I was very impressed with the athletic facilities and fields. I also like the small class size and environmental focus of the whole school.”