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The student news site of Western Albemarle High School - Crozet, VA

The Western Hemisphere

The student news site of Western Albemarle High School - Crozet, VA

The Western Hemisphere

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Under Official Review: The Ads of Super Bowl LI

August Lamb and Talley Johnston February 17, 2017

Welcome back, Warriors, to Talley and August's annual article: "Under Official Review", where we actively seek out the best and brightest ads that the Super Bowl can offer. It's been a year since our inaugural...

A herd of useless pennies that should be demolished

My Two Cents on Cents

Olivia Gallmeyer, Managing News Editor January 24, 2017

There are many problems facing America today: how to resolve racial tensions, how to combat the rising rates of obesity, how to stop those creepy clowns. But today, I am going to tell you about one particular...

Midterms: Make a Decision

Midterms: Make a Decision

Franny Noll, Staff Writer January 4, 2017

Midterms: A word often associated with stress and all-nighters that occurs in one of the worst weeks of your life. But now it’s not just one week. This year, the WAHS faculty made the decision to change...

The produce section at Wegmans, what customers see when they first walk in

Checking it out: Wegmans

August Lamb, Web Editor December 16, 2016

The new 5th Street Station shopping center is home to many businesses; some well established in Charlottesville, and some new. There is no doubt however that the most-hyped attraction at the mall is Wegmans....

Johnny Riordan, junior at WAHS

Johnny Riordan’s Experience with High School Diplomats

Johnny Riordan, Contributing Writer November 8, 2016

This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in a unique Japanese-American Exchange Program: High School Diplomats held at Princeton University. High School Diplomats sponsors 40 Japanese Students...

Dress Code: Worth the Controversy?

Dress Code: Worth the Controversy?

Franny Noll, Staff Writer October 27, 2016

Dress code is a phrase that is usually synonymous with sexism and slut shaming, yet here at Western it seems irrelevant. Many dress codes are directed toward girls only and target certain styles that...

The iPhone 7 (top) and 6s (bottom)


August Lamb and William Peritz October 17, 2016

Ever since the iPhone 6S was released last September, the rumors have been flying about Apple removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, which was just released a few weeks ago. Well, it happened, and...

Predictable Bullying Seminar Sparks New Ideas

India Mawn, Staff Writer April 29, 2016

Filing into the auxiliary gym on April 13th for an anti-bullying seminar, the freshmen and sophomore classes knew exactly what to expect. Anti-bullying events- no matter what they are- have remained the...

One Neko Atsume yard full of excited cats

On Cats and Compulsions

Olivia Gallmeyer, Opinion Editor April 29, 2016

Looking at the study hall students in the cafeteria, everyone observed has one thing in common: there's a phone in their hands. Androids and iPhones alike are all busy running apps like Facebook, Twitter,...

Dear College Emails: Why?

Dear College Emails: Why?

Olivia Gallmeyer, Opinion Editor February 26, 2016

Dear college emails, As of the moment I am writing this, a mere month after receiving my PSAT scores, I have gotten over 100 of you. Awesome! Wow! How unbelievably exciting. Unfortunately, it’s as...

Is Moving Midterms Practical?

Is Moving Midterms Practical?

Mark Ferguson, Staff Writer February 3, 2016

“Exams suck. So why make them ruin winter break?” said Jack Lesemann, a freshman who has been avidly supporting moving exams since he joined Western in 2015. The timing of midterms has caused commotion...

Statistics from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Where’s Our Arts Academy?

Olivia Gallmeyer, Opinion Editor January 20, 2016

As a school district, we’re lucky to have several alternative programs to traditional education and coursework. Each high school has their own respective academy where students learn information specialized...

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