A Sticker Trend that is Not Peeling Away


Madeleine Andrews, Editor in Chief

This sticky trend is covering all surfaces of students’ lives… literally. The origin of this social statement was born on the bumpers of our cars. Now, stickers are popularly slapped onto our water bottles and lovely Lenovo laptops.

When I first saw a sticker on a Nalgene I was confused and thought it was illogical. Why spend money on a sticker, put it on a water bottle, and risk losing both your bottle and your stickers? Yet now I have been converted and have two water bottles covered in stickers.

My main reason to become pro-sticker, is I liked the story each sticker tells. If you’re into pizza, stick on a slice of pie. If you’re into The Office, stick on a stapler in jello. If you’re into traveling, stick on the places you’ve been to. From looking at people’s decorated possessions you can discover the person’s favorite hobbies, vacation spots and favorite restaurant. This makes it easy to strike up a simple conversation with anyone, such as the person you are assigned to sit next to in class.

Another great reason to jump on this trend is when we choose stickers, we are helping others in our community. These stickers are a genius way to provide advertising for local and large businesses in our area. Even if the they are free, the businesses will gain overall profits from spreading their logos around the community. It’s a win win situation, where we gain a cool visual addition to our water bottles, or laptops, and businesses can constantly remind people of their existence.

This trend is fun and beneficial, whether it’s helping a business, helping someone express their individuality, or it just exists because people like how they look. As of now it’s clear that nothing is tearing apart students and teachers from their stickers.