Taylor Swift’s Singles Receive Mixed Reviews


Sophie O'Donnell, Staff Writer

With the new release of Taylor Swift’s singles, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “… Ready For It?” and highly anticipated “Reputation” album set to drop in November, the new version of Taylor has been swirling throughout the news and halls of Western. With her new music creating a different sound from the past, many people have strong opinions about whether or not they like the songs.

Freshman Taylor Overman thinks “Look What You Made Me Do” is one of Taylor’s best songs yet.
“It’s super awesome. It’s my favorite Taylor Swift song. Usually I hate them but that was really good.”

Thomas Jackson, a junior, feels the opposite.
“I hate it. I can’t even listen to it, I feel like it’s going to make my ears bleed if I listen to it too much.”

Not only does Jackson dislike Taylor’s songs, he also finds it disrespectful for her to reference people in the video. “I think that she’s trying to subtweet people but directly calling them out like the, ‘I love Taylor Swift,’ things in the music video, she’s calling out Tom Hiddleston and I thought that was really rude.”

Besides mentioning people in the past who have hurt her, the video shares similarities with some of Beyonce’s past works. Many Beyonce fans are annoyed that Taylor incorporated certain things into her video, and feel as though she stole those ideas from Beyonce.

Jackson lists off, “I thought that the music video stole a lot from Beyonce, a gold snake ring is from her Upgrade music video from 2005, she eats a red lobster in the music video which of course there was a red lobster in Formation, there’s the dancers mimicking the Formation theme, there’s the old versions of Taylor Swift which is like the Pepsi ad Beyonce did when she’s dancing around with old versions of herself, she’s swinging a baseball bat in the music video,” continues Jackson, “there’s a lot going on that’s Beyonce-esque that I’m not really here for.”

Unlike Jackson, freshman Karen Raphael enjoys Taylor’s new persona. “I like it. It’s different from a lot of her other stuff but I like her new changes.”

No matter your views on Taylor’s latest music, this fall should be an exciting time for music enthusiasts, as her album drops November 10th.