“Barbie:” A Deep-Dive into Every Aspect of the Iconic Trailer

A deep-dive into every aspect of the iconic 2023 Barbie trailer.


Credit: Credit: Warner Bros.

The new Barbie movie promises to attend to every detail that Barbie fans are waiting for.

Ava Ellis, Staff Writer

This Spring, one trailer has taken the internet by storm. “Barbie”, a live-action reincarnation of the classic Barbie doll, is coming out this July. While many are disappointed that this movie will not be coming out for a few months, there is still much to be drawn from its infamous trailer. 

The trailer opens with an aerial view of BarbieLand; a pink heart is preeminent as it surrounds the town. From this initial shot, the watcher is able to identify the classic pink scheme, as it appears in the cinematic and videographic masterpiece that is Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. 

The camera then pans to a shot of Barbie, played by Margot Robbie,  walking in her absolutely iconic shoes; they seem to have kept the same style from many of her movies but changed specific shoes, while still keeping true to the original style.  This is most likely to keep the juxtaposition between her old, cartoon style, and her new, live-action style. 

Cutting to a wide shot of Barbie walking on the beach, the main love interest throughout all of Barbie’s regime is introduced. Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, is portrayed with a slightly different approach, striped pastel pink and blue shorts and shirt instead of his classic stark blue swim trunks, as seen in Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. The trailer then introduces some of her infamous friends as they all repeat the same mantra of “Hey Barbie!” 

This phrase can be found throughout all of Barbie’s movies, especially in “Barbie in A Mermaid’s Tail” and “Barbie A Fairy Secret.” This was strategically placed in rebuttal to Ken’s untraditional blasphemy of his new outfit. A possible point of angst is introduced when Ryan Gosling’s Ken appears offended when another version of Ken, played by Simu Liu, repeats the common mantra. This could be used in countless ways throughout the movie as the writers could explore this point of insecurity within both of Ken’s characters. 

Barbie appears to have continued her streak of fame as she is seen in her pink corvette, waving to bystanders. The scene then cuts to comedic conversation between Ken  and Barbie as the innocence of the children’s toys is put on display. 

Afterwards showing a quick shot of what seems to be a musical number, it is quickly contradicted with a scene of violence between groups of Barbie’s on the beach. The possible point of angst, Simu Liu’s Ken, flips his hair in a traditional masculine pose. The scenes that follow are quick cuts to shots of different parts of the movie which gainsay the original mood of peace and perfection.

 After these quick shots, the apparent President of BarbieLand is seen in what appears to be a courtroom and offers words of encouragement to the congregation of women. Following, Ryan Gosling’s Ken is visible in a scene of him winking and then playing a tense game of rock paper scissors with his already identified possible point of angst, Simu Liu’s Ken. 

One of the main selling points of this trailer is hidden in a quick shot of a pink billboard entailing “Real World This Way,” implying that Barbie and possibly Ken will venture into the world of humans. Barbie and Ken are then seen to have been catapulted into the air by their car.   Upon landing, Barbie inquires if he has his infamous rollerblades on his person and he confirms her statement. 

The possible point of angst is then confirmed as a definite point of angst in a passive aggressive rallying between Ryan Gosling’s Ken and definite point of angst, Simu Liu’s Ken. Barbie then intervenes to stop the overwhelming flow of masculine domination, showing how she is able to intervene in any conflict. Overall, this trailer promises a comedic, well-thought through, and adventurous movie.