Teacher’s Pets

Teachers Pets

William Peritz, Staff Writer

Fenway has a tight schedule, and it will be respected. He needs a walk at precisely 6 a.m., by none other than his owner, Lynn Define. Define wakes up every morning with plenty of time to walk Fenway, her dog, and still make it to school. The dog then does whatever it is that he does until 8 pm on the dot, and it’s time for another walk. Then, on Fridays, Define and Fenway watch Dog Nation together. Fenway is a seven year old rescue dog, most likely a mix of Lab, Pointer, and Springer Spaniel. He’s a little pudgy, but that’s okay.
Define is a big Red Sox fan, so naturally the name Fenway came from their own park. He’s also very talented. Define has taught him a plethora of tricks, and together they prove that the “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” myth is just that. One of Fenway’s best tricks is “bang bang.” Wherever they are, in a field, house, or otherwise, Fenway can play dead with this trick until Define tells him to get up, and he’s very good at it.
Define has always been an animal lover, but has a special love for dogs. She’s had pets her entire life, has always wanted to keep chickens, and would if it weren’t against her neighborhood rules. In addition to Fenway, she also has an 18 year old horse named Prize.
Lisa Grové has a lot of pets. She shares her house with two cats and a goldfish, while outside she keeps 20 chickens and three more goldfish. The two cats, Grové’s main pets, are named Ginger and Rouge. They are both about 10 years old, adopted at the same time. Rouge is a whiner, and needs things to be just right. He requires new, fresh food in the bowl before any of it is eaten.
Ginger behaves just like a dog. Ginger will heel, and isn’t afraid of anything. He also sits down like a dog. At night, Ginger will sleep on Grové’s head. No matter how many times she pushes him off, he gets right back onto his comfy perch. Although they’re a little weird, all pets are in their own unique way.