Mud & Grit: The Battle of Crozet Coffee


Grace’s Pick

There is heavy competition between Mudhouse and Grit Cafe. When it comes down to it, the superior coffee shop is hard to determine because a person’s preference is based upon their priorities. In terms of location (in Crozet), Grit is more accessible to residents of Old Trail and students at Henley and Western. Grit also offers a wider variety of foods and drinks, and their service is usually faster. However, the quality of the coffee is not quite as good as the coffee at Mudhouse.

Now, in favor of Mudhouse, their seating is more spacious and more comfortable. In addition, Mudhouse is closer to other businesses and homes in Crozet. The quality of pastries at Mudhouse are somewhat of a hit or miss, depending on whether the food is hot or cold, old or fresh, and the service is reliant upon how many people are there. But the coffee is consistently of the highest caliber.

The atmosphere, as well, is definitively more relaxed and cozy, somewhat due to the location and design of the building, and has a local feel that is never achieved by chain coffee shops. So if you’re looking for a place that consistently serves great coffee, offers heavenly pumpkin squares, and is a great place to study or work, go to Mudhouse.

Rosie’s Pick

Mudhouse offers coffee grown all over the world, with a wide range of coffees and teas, offering more diverse options than Grit does. Mudhouse seems to prioritize diversity of flavor and morality of coffee. They work to provide the best experience for farmers, the environment, and customer.

Grit Cafe’s website states its mission as “serving and loving people through thoughtful hospitality.” They offer coffee, espresso, breakfast foods, and lunch foods. Grit offers diners the choice of grab-and-go snacks or sitting in southern charm. Both shops hope to provide quality coffee and a great experience.

Personally, Mudhouse has always been my go-to coffee place. The convenience of fresh coffee and tasty snacks just a few short minutes from home beats the lure of more variety by far. I’m also more likely to be near Mudhouse because it is close to other shops. With the library and the recent installation of Piedmont Place, I’m much more likely to be near Mudhouse than Grit. My chances of being closest to Grit are much smaller, but I can see the appeal of Grit, just a short walk away from school or home.

I also like the coziness of Mudhouse because of its large space and many seating options. The sofas and lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing, the bar is perfect for a game of chess, and the tables are the perfect place to study. The food options are also tasty, from quiche to chocolate pie to rice puddings.