Original Production Draws in Award


Credit: Olivia Gallmeyer

Alex Kingsley, one of the writers

Tim DeSimone, Editor in Chief

What if you have it all? What if you have all the world has to offer, but are still not satisfied? What if no mortal being or material good is enough? Can heaven or hell fill the gap? “Life can’t satisfy him, so she wants to see if death can.”

The Western Drama department put on an award winning, original production last month. Largely modeled after “The Legend of Faust,” Mr. Foster and the Lady Downstairs is a dark, quirky, comedy strewn rendition of what it means to attain moral satisfaction.

The play was co-written by seniors Warren Elliot and Alex Kingsley, who had been working since May to script what would become a Virginia Theatre Association “Best Production of an Original Presentation.”

Mr. Foster, played by Warren, is a very rich, and very unsatisfied man. When Life and Death offer him a chance to play with fate, the billionaire makes some mistakes, only complicating things for Death herself, portrayed by Jackie Burke, a fellow senior.

Aside from the main story, a decently sized, sassy group of spirits own the stage, providing jokes and side stories of their own. Poking fun at death, and how boring hell must be, the dynamic group was a great addition to such a “dark” subject.

“We have a very similar sense of humor, where we just love dark comedy,” said Warren. “The story was modeled off the legend of Faust, which is basically the same storyline. We thought it was dark, funny, and included death. The first thing we wanted was to have death in our play somehow. We didn’t know if it was a character, or a plot element, we just wanted death, so we made this character… and that’s just how it came to be.”

About a month after the show premiered for the Virginia Theatre Association, Jackie and Warren were awarded “best actor” and “best actress” awards, for their performances in a VHSL one act competition.