A Podcast for Anything


“Anything Goes” can be found on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Zoey Sauerwein, Assistant Editor

Throughout the past years, influencers have decided that podcasts are the next big way to be famous. Many of these influencer podcasts that I have listened to are generated through a failing career of social media and have been severely disappointing because of the lack of character and relatable content that they contain. While most of these influencer podcasts remain insufferable, some influencers are delivering content that is undoubtedly enjoyable. 

Emma Chamberlain grew popular on YouTube throughout 2018 and has continued to gain a following. She has influenced the way that people communicate through social media through the way that she edits her videos and her authenticity. However, over the past few years Chamberlain’s content has matured and appealed to an older audience. She stopped posting as much on YouTube and has become a hit in the fashion industry and A-list celebrity world. One of her recent achievements is her podcast, “Anything Goes,” in which she talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week.

In her podcast, which began in February of 2020, Chamberlain converses about the exciting and treacherous parts of her life. She goes over her past and informs her audience about coming to fame and growing up in the spotlight. She gives relationship advice, romantic and platonic, as well as discussing her relationship with herself. Her relatable topics and casual tone build a connection with her listener and give Chamberlain the credibility to give advice.

The entertainment value increases with Chamberlain’s ability to appeal to her audience and make it sound like she is having a conversation with the listener. She tells stories about her own life and experiences in order to help advise her audience. Critics may say that she often rambles, but the way she branches out and connects her stories to relevant or irrelevant topics humanizes this podcast and sets her apart from other influencers. While the podcast contains an occasional ad, there are no cuts or edits, which strengthens the authenticity of her speech.

One listener says, “There’s no preamble or mutual gushing, just Chamberlain’s reflections and beyond-her-years insights put center stage. I really could have used this podcast in my 20s, but I still have plenty to learn, and the clear-eyed, gentle journeys through Chamberlain’s mind are ideal for a quiet moment of self-care.”

Emma Chamberlain executes this podcast perfectly and reminds her audience that celebrities don’t have perfect lives. She grounds the world of influencers and allows her audience to look into the life and issues of being in the watchful eye of the public.

There is a podcast for almost every mood that a person can have and advice on most topics that teenagers encounter. The five-star podcast is worth a listen.