Warriors Prepare To Tackle The Upcoming Season

Alex Lehmbeck, Sports Editor

Last year, Gabe Rody-Ramazani made history for the WAHS varsity wrestling team, ending the season with over 50 wins in the season and more than 100 wins in his high school career. He finished third in the state, and currently attends the University of Virginia. Now, four-year Western wrestling coach Adam Mulcahy has the task of giving someone else the role as leader. A leader actually has emerged on his own it seems in senior Russ Hill. Last year Russ was the other state qualifier and captain with Rody-Ramazani last year.

“Russ Hill has really taken over and owned that leadership role for the team,” Mulcahy said.

One of the biggest stories to follow this season is how will the Warriors adjust with a lack of size.

“This is the most guys that we’ve had come out for wrestling in a long time. It’s a shame we don’t have many big kids,” Mulcahy commented. “We have a lot of experience all clustered around the same weights.”

What the team lacks in weight, they make up for with experience. Seniors Russ Hill, Alex Showers, Ross Meyers, Ethan Cole and TJ Spencer form a talented senior class. Veteran junior starters Asa Shin and Nate Riley continue to rack up extra points for the Warriors. One of the greatest indicators of success to come this season is the team’s offseason.

“We had a full spring, a full summer, and a full fall offseason practice and workout plan this year,” Mulcahy said. “It’s really shown in the development of some of our young wrestlers.”

Judging by the results of the 2014-15 season, combined with the squad’s determination to improve in the offseason, you should be seeing lots of success from the Warriors this winter.