What is the Passion of Writing?


Lily Kline, Staff Writer

Writing is a passion for many people, including myself. It is a hobby where you can forge entire worlds, draft daring stories, or ink dramatic lines for yourself or others.
“It’s a way to showcase something that I’ll usually just have to keep in my head, It’s a way for me to express myself,” said Max Leonard, a senior passionate about poetry in his third year of creative writing.
Poetry is a form of writing where the writer conveys thoughts or emotions through rhyming lines or syllabic beats. It’s a way to express oneself on paper.
“I really enjoy writing because I’m able to create something. I always love having the ability to create something, specifically something meaningful,”sophmore Lily Davis said.
Davis stated that she enjoys “writing about social issues,” being able to shed light on heavy topics that might be looked over or shunned in writing, or not written about correctly.
Another sophomore said she liked writing about LGBTQ+ issues from her younger perspective, because unfortunately most stories covering LGBTQ topics tend to be written by older straight white women who have no experience in the topic at hand.
In Davis’ stories she has also written about mental health and suicide, as well as touching on transphobia and other more sensitive topics.
Writers tend to also fancy the ability to world-build, in creating your own worlds without any limitations. World building is a big part of writing if you are creating a different universe. It gives the readers a way to imagine what’s happening and invest themselves in the scenery.
“I really love fantasy,” says Emily Schmitz, a sophmore in creative writing. “I love that the author can create an entire worl, that some authors make that such a detailed and realistic endeavor. I like trying to replicate that in my work.”
Writing fantasy gives lots of creative liberty to the author, and it tends to be the most popular story among younger readers who might like the idea of a hero vs. villains, where an older reader could enjoy a more real world based story.
Writing can also be a pathway for people to express their personal emotions and experiences. “I think a lot of people like to use writing as a way to process difficult stuff that happens in their lives” said Schmitz.
People can use writing as a way to get out emotions that may be harder for them to verbally express. That’s what makes writing such a favorite hobby. Writing makes expression easy.