Students Elect New Leadership


Credit: Sandra McLaughlin

Changing of the guard: outgoing Executive Council passes “The Notebook” to the newly elected EC. From left: new members Carly Hegemier, Michael Mitchell, Tate Kessler, Austin Winslow, Elke Beaumont, Jaiden Beckett-Ansa, and Nicole Bilchick receive “The Notebook” from graduating seniors Matthew Gustafson-Missett, Baylee Hughes, Hayes Hegemier, Anna Snyder, and Andrew Sime.

Marja-Helena Barrett, Staff Writer

The newest Executive Council has been elected. Members are rising seniors Elke Beaumont, Austin Winslow, Carly Hegemier, Nicole Bilchick, Tate Kessler, Jaden Beckett-Ansa, and rising junior Michael Mitchell. The Executive Council serves as a voice for students and is responsible for planning school events, overseeing leadership classes, and communicating with students and the Western Administration. This group of peers has taken on the difficult responsibility of serving our community and school for the next year.

Along with the Executive Council, Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Class Officers have been elected. Class Officers are responsible for organizing fundraisers, planning projects, participating in activities, etc. 

Senior Class Officers are Eli Witt, Joey Burch, Sam Johnson, Mallory Greene, and Annabeth Stancil.

Junior Class Officers are Carter Shaffer, Meredith Kershisnik, Kennedy Buntock, Ollie Sauerwein, and Lucy Evans.

Sophomore Class Officers are Jack Steenburgh, Wasif Mohi, Ben Brockmeier, Kylee Hughes, and Eliza Burns.