Credit: Maxwell Creager-Roberts

I want to thank…

  • Mrs. Poole
  • Mrs. Stutzman and Mr. Kompelien
  • Ms. Laux
  • All the teachers, they rock
  • Everyone
  • Mrs. Lohr
  • Mrs. Padron, Ms. Brock, Ms. Dawson, Ms. Williams
  • Ms. Miracle and Ms. McLaughlin
  • Ms. Koon
  • My teachers
  • Mr. Walsh, Mrs. Streit, Mrs. McLaughlin, Mrs. Gardner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kompelien
  • Mr. Collier, Mr. Denny, Mr. Hughes, Ms. Smith, Mr. Hartshorn
  • Mrs. Lemay
  • Mrs. Rao and Mr. Hughes
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