Music Corner – March 2020

Grace Berigan, Editor-in-Chief

Over break, finding myself with an unusual amount of time on my hands, I took the plunge into Spotify’s music recommendations.

The results were a mixed bag, but I’ve found several worthy of The Western Hemisphere’s first Music Corner of 2020.

First in the playlist, “Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy is a smooth blend of electric and acoustic elements. Released in 2017, the artist (real name Sven Gamsky) uses his talents to express his love for his partner and cover artist. Gamsky was once a part of the band Feed Me Jack, but since their breakup in 2016, he plays all of his own instruments.

Next up is, in my opinion, the crown jewel of the playlist. Steve Lacy’s intoxicating voice illustrates the point of view of a man who fears that his girlfriend is moving on.

In “Dark Red,” Lacy begs his partner to stay with him. This song was also released in 2017, and Lacy has produced one album, “Apollo XXI”, since then.

I really love Steve Lacy because his music feels like a mashup of Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean.
I was introduced to “Church,” on a hike- a literal uphill battle. Coincidentally, Samm Henshaw wrote this song about the resilience of the human spirit. More specifically, overcoming his struggles to get up and go to church.

This message can be taken metaphorically, of course, as it helped me hike Elliot’s Knob, one of the highest mountain peaks in Virginia. Despite being more familiar with EARTHGANG, I was quickly turned on to Samm Henshaw for his powerhouse vocals.

In an interview about the song, Henshaw explained that he wanted the song to be motivational, and to mimic the encouragement he felt from his mother without screaming in the song.

Lastly, I was surprised to discover “Hell Bound” by Vince Staples, which was released in 2019. My favorite part of the song is its bouncy, unique beat. I’m usually annoyed by Staples’s voice, but this song is different from a lot of his other music.

This is the third single Staples has released this year, and in my opinion, his best song yet. The song is accompanied by a cartoon of a white devil, which I’d recommend watching, as it perfectly complements the song’s mood. With the rate at which he’s producing music, I have hopes that his musical style will continue to evolve and improve.

1. “Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy
2. “Dark Red” by Steve Lacy
3. “Beacon” by Matt Duncan
4. “After The Storm” by Kali Uchis ft. Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins
5. “Whatever You Want” by Sports
6. “From Eden” by Hozier
7. “Church” by Samm Henshaw ft. EARTHGANG
8 “Lil Thing” by Knox Fortune
9. “Re-Hash” by the Gorillaz
10. “Hell Bound (Ad 01)” by Vince Staples