Deteriorating Track Poses Risk To Athletes


Will DeSimone, Staff Writer

The track at Western is in a rough state. After years of use from not just the students, but hundreds of different people, the track is slowly degrading. 

“The track needs to be resurfaced more than repaired,” said Marie Whitten, the Head Girls Track Coach, “Lane one needs the most work.” 

Lane one of the track is in such disrepair, the coaches keep students from running on it to avoid possible injury. Since the entire track is considered dangerous to use, it prohibits Western from hosting track and field meets. Track meets most commonly have concessions, which would be a great source of funds for the school if the track was suitable.

Over a hundred people use the track every week, just counting the running team. Being a public track, anyone can use it anytime on weekends and weekdays, not just students. 

One incident has occurred on the track, where a student slipped and damaged their wrist to catch themselves from falling. Nowadays the team does a large portion of their training, especially with hurdles, on the turf where it’s softer and safer than practicing on the damaged track. 

 Hopefully, the school can find the resources to resurface the track because doing so would provide better training opportunities and a larger stage on Albemarle’s track and field scene.

In retrospect, it’s not unreasonable to look towards the responsibility of the school to fix the damage on the track if they truly value and care for their students and the public’s safety.