Food in Review: Italian Restaurants


Credit: Kimball Sheehan

The combination of a cute yellow window sill and freshly made pasta is something you simply cannot miss when walking by.


Tucked off of the Downtown Mall on 2nd Street is the cutest yellow take-out pasta restaurant ever! You might be confused about why we described Luce as yellow, and that’s because it’s painted bright yellow. The menu is simple and the food is delicious. You are presented with a difficult choice between 3 pasta dishes, a salad (ensalada), and one dessert (dolce). After you order at the window, your food gets freshly prepared and the smell of homemade pasta fills the street.


If you ordered pasta, you made the right choice and your pasta is handed to you in a 160z take out container. The pasta Cacio is the way to go if you are a plain person, it is topped with butter, parmesan, and black pepper. While it may be plain, it is bursting full of flavor. On the other hand, if you’re feeling more adventurous, the pasta Pistou is calling your name. This pasta is mixed with shaved zucchini, confit tomato, and basil pesto. Luce’s convenient location and top-notch take-out Italian food makes it a must-visit restaurant.


To Order:  Pasta Cacio (for you plain folks) or Pasta Pistou (for the crazy ones).


Fry’s Spring Station:

If you have a Charlottesville bucket list of restaurants to visit, this one better be on it. As soon as you walk into the renovated fuel station with glass garage doors, you’ll notice the quirky ambiance and smell of hearth fired pizzas all around you. If the weather is nice, you may get to enjoy nicely decorated outdoor seating or comfy indoor seating.


Fry’s Springs Station’s menu has many items in addition to their delicious pizzas which provide various options for people with dietary restrictions. In addition to their delicious pizzas, they serve fresh salads, manciatta, and pasta. Also, the restaurant offers a variety of weekly events such as Thursday Trivia night, where free prizes are offered from 8-10 PM. The three bearded owners (as they described themselves) of Fry’s Spring Station also own popular restaurants such as Ivy Provisions, Shadwell’s Food and Drink, and Augusta Kitchen.


To Order: Crispy thin-crust margarita pizza containing a perfect ratio of sauce to stringy mozzarella cheese and “The Wookie,” a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream (heaven).


College Inn:

Ahh, the university grounds and the knowledge of Thomas Jefferson surrounding you (or TJ if you know him well enough) are the perfect vibes to enjoy your warm, fresh Italian food with. The busy chattering of college students and life in the corner doesn’t affect the speedy and quality service given to you.


If you’re feeling hungry, they have many heartfelt and filling foods to warm your soul. If you’re not in the mood for a big meal, they offer many fresh salads and light meals to keep you feeling light and wonderful. To top it all off, treat yourself to a dairy-filled milkshake, or if you’re feeling healthy, go for the delicious, non-fat, no-sugar, low-calorie iced water. Overall, the atmosphere is welcoming, and we urge you to stop by and get a little slice of Italy in Charlottesville.


To Order: XL cheese pizza, caesar/greek salad, and a strawberry milkshake.