Work Up An Appetite

Students and community members run a 5k on Thanksgiving to raise money for the UVA Children’s Hospital


Darrah Sheehan, Staff Writer

A long-standing tradition for many families, friends, and even young children in the Charlottesville and Crozet area is waking up early to run the Boar’s Head Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. This 5k takes runners through the many hills and turns of the tree-covered Ednam Forest neighborhood, located next to the Sports Club, and loops participants back to the finish line. Many participants run to compete with friends and family. In fact, many runners train in the weeks leading up to the race for peak performance. 

The Turkey Trot is open to non-competitive yet spirited participants. Many people leisurely walk or push strollers while dressed up in matching turkey costumes. Regardless of your speed, enthusiasm is highly encouraged. 

Olivia Gibson, a sophomore, loves the Turkey Trot.

“I’ve been doing the turkey trot since I was a little girl and it’s a really fun family tradition to do cause my mom and I always run it and one year we got my grandpa from Denver to do it with us. I really like doing it because it’s a great cause that one gets people to exercise before their Thanksgiving meal and two it also helps out so many people in need.”

However, many do not know that this 5k supports the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital, in addition to burning some calories before a well-deserved Thanksgiving meal. The 2018 race raised over $40,000  for the children’s hospital’s greatest needs. 

For the 38th annual turkey trot, the Boar’s Head hopes to raise at least $75,000 through 1,400 participants. Running the Turkey Trot is a great tradition with an equally great cause in mind.