Parking? I’ll pass…

An opinion on the dire parking situation at Western


Credit: Julianne Kirby

Due to the lack of space, cars regularly have to park in the grass

Jessica Klees, Editor-in-Chief

Parking this year has been extremely frustrating — for me, and for the rest of the school. This year’s school changes, such as getting rid of part of the staff parking lot and population growth, have made parking very difficult.

As a senior, I need to arrive at WAHS at least 30 minutes early to be guaranteed a spot in the senior lot. 15-20 minutes before classes begin, all of the designated senior spots are also filled.

Many teacher parking spots have been removed because of construction, and the student body has seriously increased since last year, which together make for a real shortage of spaces.

Senior privilege basically doesn’t matter anymore. I’m forced to compete with juniors and other people in my own grade in order to park close to the building, and people like me who don’t have sports or other morning activities have even more of a disadvantage.

I really feel for those who have senior release in the morning and are allowed to come to school over an hour late, only to find there isn’t a single spot to put their car.

In the past, upperclassmen were mad about sophomores driving, which was not permitted. The school does allow junior and seniors to drive, but not all are able to park this year.

Considering more families are moving to Crozet and Ivy every year, more parking spots need to be added soon.

Because we’re getting more students, additions and changes are being made to accommodate. However, that process involves getting rid of parking spots. It’s a vicious cycle.
Eventually the school won’t be big enough to accommodate its students. This should result in a huge expansion, which will have to include the parking lot, or even a whole new building.

I believe that students and staff would appreciate an addition or renovation to the parking lot. It would make all our lives easier.