Top 5 on PBS KIDS

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Top 5 on PBS KIDS

Eva Massarelli, Features Editor

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Top 5 Shows on PBS KIDS

  1. “Arthur”
  2. “Fecth! with Ruff Ruffman”
  3. “Cyberchase”
  4. “Between the Lions”
  5. “Clifford the Big Red Dog”

“Arthur” is by far the best show on PBS Kids, and dare I say ever? What more could a viewer want than a bunny named Buster is obsessed with UFOs? Need I say more? No I don’t, but I will. The show got top place not only because it is simply amazing, but also because you could see the illustrator’s dedication to the show when they would put the awesome commercials on that demonstrated how to draw the characters.

Nobody can say that they didn’t get immediately excited when the “Ruff Ruffman” theme song started up, or that they weren’t secretly jealous of the kids on the show, or that they weren’t filled with suspense when the players opened that mailbox to see what their mission was. If you sadly don’t know what I’m talking about, I am sorry your childhood was devoid of this amazing show, and my advice is to raise your kids on it so they don’t miss out too.

“Cyberchase” was decidedly number three on this list. Although no one liked the end of the show where a real person tried to relate what you learned in the episode to something in real life, you could easily ignore this and watch the quality program where Motherboard gives three kids and a bird a mission to save the universe from Hacker and his two dim-witted minions.

“Between the Lions” was the ultimate rainy-day show. There was nothing better than to listen to books and watch Cliff Hanger attempt to escape his branch. The show sometimes had guest stars from the “Sesame Street” cast, and it was always amazing to see your favorite worlds colliding.

It was hard to choose between “Martha Speaks” and “Clifford” for the 5th place winner. Both shows involve talking dogs; however, on Birdwell Island, multiple dogs can talk to each other and are friends. Many dogs beats only one dog. “Clifford” was also the staple in Generation Z’s childhood; everyone knows it and loves it, whereas “Martha Speaks” aired when I was probably too old to be watching it.

*Disclaimer* Just so everyone knows, “Sesame Street” would definitely be at the top of this list, but HBO now owns it. Old episodes still air on PBS, and new ones are only on HBO for nine months, but then get released to the public. Personally, as someone that doesn’t get cable, I am pretty mad that “Sesame Street” (the staple of public broadcasting for generations!) is now on a private station.

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