Ralph Northam Wins Mock Election

Fairfax and Herring also Succeed in the Polls


Credit: Maeci Frank

Savannah Wilson hands Mr. Mullins an informational flyer on candidate John Adams.

From Staff Reports

In the second day of the 2017 WAHS mock election, all three Democratic candidates prevailed.


12th grade government students worked hard to put together their own version of the election for their fellow students to vote in this week. As curious students filed into the Global Studies area where the election was being held, they were immediately met with enthusiastic students who were quick to introduce their candidate. Large screens filled the room as each team played the promotional video that they created, while chants of “Vote for Ralph Northam!” “John Adams for attorney general!” could be heard. After being bombarded with stickers and candy and encouragement to vote for various candidates, the students made their way out into the voting booths in the hallway.

Students made sure to represent their candidate accurately, with the most pressing issues taking the spotlight. For example, Owen Grinnell, representing Democratic nominee for governor Ralph Northam, made sure to emphasize the intentions of his candidate to remove confederate statues in the area, whereas Sean Marcus’ gubernatorial candidate, Republican Ed Gillespie, was focused on helping small businesses thrive in the economy.

AP Government teacher Molly Miracle gave numerous reasons for the creation of the mock election. “We started this project because we wanted to find a more realistic way for seniors to see what it was like to  actually create a campaign and create a strategy. We think it’s a much more interesting way to learn about an election, putting them in charge of it, rather than sitting in the classroom. It’s a good chance for the seniors to show the underclassmen, ‘Hey this is what you’re going to be doing later on.’’’

Even though the campaigners stood firmly in support of their candidate’s platform, they were able to recognize features that would detract voters. “He’s pro-gun rights, has a pro-life view on abortion, and is anti-gay marriage,” senior Anna O’Shea said about her candidate, Republican John Adams, who is running for attorney general.

On the other hand, the indecisiveness of Cliff Hyra, Libertarian candidate for governor, who does not side strongly with either mainstream party, may also be a turnoff to voters according to Angelie Acosta-Vega, who said, “If you’re a strong Democrat or Republican, he’s not for you.”