Senior Last Words

When I was younger I wanted to be…
An astronaut
In charge
A chef
A doctor
A teacher
A teacher
A professor
A lawyer

My biggest fear about Western was…
Lots of people and not knowing anyone
I wasn’t that scared, I was more excited
Making friends because I came from England
How nasty it is
Having classes with all grades
Food poisoning
Failing classes
Being responsible and making good decisions
The music program not being as good

My biggest fear about the future is…
Finding a way to match what I’m passionate about to a real job
Getting a job and not being homeless
Navigating around a new campus
Not getting enough sleep
Being poor
Missing an opportunity
Failing college classes and not getting the job I want

Western taught me…
Testing means everything
Having just a few really close friends is better than having a bunch of friends who you aren’t close with
How to cheat the system
Not be snooty
How to be independent
How to multitask
Being alone is okay
That my opinions can change
To be patient and more chill

What has changed most about me at Western is…
I’ve become more levelheaded
I’ve gotten a lot better at stress management
My hair color… and my perceptions of people, haha
My attitude towards school, you’re only here for a little time
The amount of responsibility I took
The amount that I sleep
My friend group
My eyebrows
My view of other people

I’m going to miss…
Not having to do my own laundry
The communities & recognizing everyone’s face everywhere
How easy it is here compared to college
How real the teachers are
I guess the friendly atmosphere
Western spirit
Having the opportunities to try new things
The band, my friends, and my favorite teachers

I want the freshman to know…
Nobody likes people who brag about how many APs they’re taking
Don’t stress out too much and apply for scholarships
Be friends with the teachers
Not to stand in the hallway and to use common sense
They need to ask for help when they need it
Sleep when you can, it’s precious
Don’t make rash decisions about everything
Change is inevitable but sometimes change is good
Go out and do things with friends whenever you can, don’t overstress yourself

In 5 years I want to…
Have a good job
Go into graduate school- law school
I don’t know
Still be in school
Graduate with a masters in elementary education
Move to New York
Be on a path for the career that I want to do
Be in medical school

The class/teacher that impacted me most was…
Chemistry with Ms.Stutzman
Latin with Mr.Mann or History with Mr.Bledsoe
Ms.Laux & Mr.Walsh
Ms.Larson & Mrs. Define
Mr.Witt with Stats
Leadership with Ms.Miracle
AP Lit with Ms.Bendick
Mr. Hartshorn

After Graduation, I’m going to…
College to study engineering
VCU for art
PVCC and I want to study orthopedics
Go to Longwood for elementary education
James Madison University
UTK to study forensic anthropology