Which Desktop Item Are You?

Are you the mom of your friend group? Youre probably a stapler!

Are you the “mom” of your friend group? You’re probably a stapler!

Matt Mandell, Latitudes Editor

Paperclip- Do you have trust issues? Can’t sustain a relationship and easily impressionable? You’re definitely a paperclip. You feel used and manipulated by the other desktop items…especially paperclip magnets.

Stapler- Known for your intuition, empathy, and listening skills. Your friends seek advice from you regularly and you consider yourself the “mom” of the friend group. Your spontaneity is prevalent in your personality and you love surprises.

Highlighter- Everyone loves you but you’re never invited to gatherings with your friends and can’t figure out why. You’re getting really sick of being next to Scissors all the time in the coffee cup.

Coffee Cup – Very versatile. A jack of all trades and the real backbone of the desk. Often find yourself as an arbitrator in conflicts and a mediator of discussion.

Hole puncher- No one messes with you. You’re really old and quiet. But you have the potential to do incredible things. Commonly known as “Big Dawg,” people have a lot of trust in you to hole punch important stuff. The Mariano Rivera of the desk drawer.

Paperclip magnet- Your strong magnetic properties create a false sense of entitlement. You’re a tool.

Scissors- You little rascal. Always getting into trouble. You know when you’re cutting with scissors and you start going really fast and make a mistake? In a way, that’s a microcosm of your personality. You flew too high.

Which Desktop Item Are You?

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