ACE TEAM Prepares For States


William Peritz, Staff Writer

The WAHS Ace Team, Western’s scholastic team, has had an impressive year so far. Throughout the whole season, they have only suffered one loss, and it was to their main competitor: Fluvanna. However, they surged back, and beat them the next two times the teams met. Other than their games against the Flucos, the Ace Team has been able to coast through the season without much competition. As for the postseason, they have already brought home a Conference title and are optimistic for the future. They hope to, and are confident in their ability to win the State Championship.

Jack Emery is a sophomore and important member of the WAHS Ace Team. He’s a great player, scoring by himself, an average eight or nine questions per game, out of the potential 20 for the whole team. While he knows many things, he specializes in history questions. Early in his life, he started reading history books, and it sparked an interest in him. He now enjoys history in school, and reads more history-themed books outside of school.

For the Ace Team specifically, he only has to study about one to two hours per week, quizzing himself and reading old questions until he knows what he needs to. Outside of all that, he plays hockey, although he likes Ace Team better. When asked about the team, he said, “We’re definitely a good team, we have a lot of depth, we’re still pretty young but we know what we’re doing… so I think we have a good chance.”