Ingram Soars Past Scoring Record


Credit: Ryan Ingram

Ingram has broken the school record for career points.

Matt Mandell, Staff Writer

Some would say Ryan Ingram, the all-time Western Albemarle leading scorer, was a pleasant surprise. Ingram walked into Western Albemarle with a Varsity basketball team that was primed for success. An all-senior starting lineup led by Chase Stokes seemed to have no room for Ingram, a freshman at the time.

“That team my freshman year was really good. I got the opportunity to learn a lot from all of them,” says Ingram. “We had three great guards in Eli (Sumpter), Chase (Stokes), and Jake (Maynard). They taught me so much about being a basketball player.” After spending a few games on the junior varsity team, Ingram was called up during the Holiday Tournament and never looked back.

The 5’10” guard carved out a niche as a spot up shooter and another ball-handler for the Warrior back court. He managed to accumulate considerable playing time in a seemingly impenetrable lineup stocked with upperclassmen.

“I was pretty impressed with how fearless he was as a freshman. You don’t see that very much,” said head coach Darren Maynard. However, it wasn’t until his sophomore campaign when Ingram’s name struck fear into Jefferson District foes.

Beginning his second season as the starting point guard, Ingram faced a big transition in-between his freshman and sophomore years. “My Freshman year we didn’t rely on me at all. They didn’t expect much out of me. But my second year I had to fill a bigger scoring role,” Ingram said. Ingram entertained the Crozet Crazies with NBA-range threes, circus shots, and individual scoring runs to shut the door in tight games. “He made a giant leap to his sophomore year where he had to be our best player,” says Maynard.

In a crucial road game at the hostile Albemarle gym, Ingram put on a show to remember. After the Patriots tied it up at the final buzzer with a slam-dunk, Ingram went 13 of 13 from the free throw line to seal the victory in overtime. “He seems to have a knack for making the big shots. He doesn’t shrink in those situations,” said Maynard. These late game heroics quickly became commonplace. “Our team really trusts him with the ball in his hands in the final minutes. He’s the guy we want taking those shots to close out games,” says lifelong teammate Austin Cress.

Other notable games from Ingram include a 41 point performance against Charlottesville and a 32 point effort against Monticello his sophomore year where 26 of the points came in the first half.

While everyone loves watching Ryan take over games with his speed, shooting ability and incredible instincts, what’s most impressive is his balance. Ingram has solidified his spot as the greatest and most prolific scorer in Western history. To add to that, he was also expected to eclipse the all-time career steals and assists records. “It’s just amazing to me. Usually your all-time leading scorer shoots it all the time. He’s so unselfish and such a great teammate to everyone on our team,” says Maynard. “He doesn’t care if he gets the glory he just want to win and that’s what I love about him.” Whether he wants it or not, Ryan’s getting some well-deserved glory.