Warriors Dominate at Ragged Mountain Cup


After lots of hard work over the summer, the Warriors cross country team had a much deserved win at the Ragged Mountain Cup on Sept. 3.

The girls’ varsity A relay team, including Annie Taylor, Chance Masloff, Averi Witt and Alice Ducharme, placed first at the race. Averi Witt is only a freshman, but she is on the varsity A relay team and came in sixth place out of all the girls.The boys’ A relay team, including Gannon Willcutts, Andrew DeJong, Nathaniel Hashisaki and Trevor Stutzman, also placed first. The boys’ B relay  team  got third place, and the girls’ B relay team got fourth.

Last year, Western didn’t have any relay teams place in the top five at the Ragged Mountain Cup compared to the four that did this year. Overall, the Western Warriors did very well at the Ragged Mountain Cup, and they’re looking forward to a successful season.