Super Seminars

Matt Mandel and Mark Ferguson

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There is no better feeling than sitting in class and hearing the intercom come on releasing all students to go to a school-wide assembly. Even if it is on something that doesn’t quite captivate you, we could all agree it’s probably better than class. Mark and Matt brainstormed a few suggestions for seminars, or assemblies, that would not only get you out of class, but are well worth your time.

Seminars western students would like in the future:

– The weather report at Nags Head – by Coach Bickers

– Upcoming Western Seminars – a seminar for the ages preparing you for future Western seminars

– How to make the perfect traffic jam – by the traffic cop outside our school

– Improving Your Twitter Game – by Darah Bonham with a follower ratio of 3.35

– Properly tackling a croc – by The Ghost of Steve Irwin (animal planet guy)Steve-Irwin

– Henry Clay: The perfect president that never was – by Scovie Martin

– The nutritional benefits of tap water

– Western, but not 4 lyfe – by a Western graduate

– Foods that push you over the edge – by a Clif Bar representative

– “What was the homework?” – 10 ways to start conversation with your crush

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