WAHS Broadcasts First Live Streamed Announcements Via the Internet

Principal Darah Bonham makes WAHS History with new PSA Technologies.


Credit: India Mawn

August Lamb, Staff Writer

It’s Friday, August 28th, just a week and a half after the beginning of school, and new principal Darah Bonham has already made history at Western. At the start of fourth period, all teachers were instructed by administration to open an esoteric link in their email accounts. The link revealed a live stream video feed of Principal Bonham, and was followed up by a quick video created by all three rivaling high schools in the county on respecting the American Flag.

However, the main focus was on Mr. Bonham. He delivered three main points regarding the construction in the library, our lunchtime freedoms and responsibilities, and interschool sportsmanship. He commented that he wishes to remind all students to be patient until the library construction is completed, to keep our school clean especially during and after lunch, and to be respectful and courteous to opposing teams at school sporting events.

At the tail end of the live broadcast came a quite startling whistle, at least to those with their volume up, introducing the short video on respecting the United States Flag. The video covered the proper ways to display the flag at sporting events and in public. All three high schools, WAHS, Albemarle, and Monticello, contributed to the creation of the video.

Western plans to broadcast announcements on Wednesdays and Fridays during 3rd and 4th periods.