Drama Classes Travel for Henley Show-and-Tell

Olivia Gallmeyer, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, December 17, a mixed class of dedicated thespian students took the long, rigorous journey across the street and into the Henley parking lot for a visit with their middle school counterparts. This field trip that the Drama class made was a show-and-tell with the budding theatre lovers of HMS. The Henley drama classes had just completed performances of their winter production the previous week, and were eager to show off some of their hard work. Once they had performed, a group of juniors and seniors in Western drama led the entire group in a workshop of theatre games and improvisation to further their skills.

The Western drama class also took three short fairytale-themed plays to share: a short stage adaptation of Shrek, a dark Snow White similar to the original Brothers Grimm tale, and a salon session with Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty titled Princess Potpourri. Each play was student-written and directed, with the aid of the Technical Theatre class for finding costumes. Students had been working on their scenes since the final performance of their last play, Invisible Man, which had placed fourth at their VHSL drama competition.