Tacky Sweater Day


Matt Mandell, Staff Writer

Tacky sweater day, also known as Goodwill support day, is your grandma’s (or pa’s) chance to show off her knitting. Western students scramble to find an itchy shawl with holiday themed graphics somewhere in their basement. The Charlottesville Goodwill would probably not be in business if it wasn’t for this traditional day where Santas, snowmen and reindeer are all on display. Who has the wackiest, tackiest, or maybe, the most skilled grandmother of all?

Western had its annual contest during lunch in the cafeteria. Everything from “Meowy Christmas,” to 3D features like stockings, gifts and more were on show and the judges took their pick. Jessica Kompelien, Sophie Hyman, Tyler Woodward, and Chuck Witt chose Averi Witt and Trevor Stutzman as co-champions of the 2014 Tacky Sweater Day contest.