It’s the End of the World!

A look into the One-Act Play


Credit: Anton Largiader

The Drama department is working to make “The Perfect Ending,” in fact, perfect.

Ava Ellis

The drama department of WAHS has dealt with increased challenges this fall while Caitlin Pitts, Western’s musical theater teacher, has been away during initial preparations for “The Perfect Ending”, a one-act play. “The Perfect Ending” is a comedy about an American family in the 1950s who tries their best to throw a dinner party during the end of the world. Senior Natacha Jacques played the lead role as “Mother”, while Jacob Walton was cast as the “Civil Defense Warden”, and Emory Hux as “Sister.”

Not only was the play performed on the 2nd and 4th of November at WAHS, but it was also entered into the Virginia High School League (VHSL) competition. The drama department traveled to pitch their 35-minute play against those from other area high schools. 

For the beginning of preparation for the one-act play, Pitts was absent due to medical conditions. Despite the additional responsibilities and challenges during production in the absence of Pitts’s leadership, drama students worked to move the production forward.

 “It’s actually been going really well since we have such incredible student leaders in WAHS drama,” Walton said. “I’m also a part of the tech group as well, so we have been working hard on getting the lights and logistics organized[…]we also have our wonderful technical theater class that’s been designing props and sets and getting things all together as well.”

The drama department says that it’s not just the actual performance they enjoy, but also the entire production and travel experience. 

“I think it is traveling to a competition, being with friends, and the chill of the air at six in the morning as we load into the bus[…]and just having that shared experience with everyone,” Walton said when asked what his favorite part of the One Act play is. 

Afterward, the play was presented to the wide public at WAHS a student, Annie Flamm, expressed her shock at the play’s success.  

  “I really wasn’t that excited to see the one-act play but it really grabbed a hold of my attention. I went to see the play with my friend and by the end, we both agreed that it was innovative and funny.”

 Despite coping with the absence of Pitts during much of the initial preparation, this year’s one-act play has given the drama department the opportunity to work more independently toward a perfect ending.