The Story of Trevor Martin

Trevor Martin is a sophomore at Western who moved to Crozet earlier this year from Arlington, Virginia. Martin plays basketball and football for Western and is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan. Everyone who knows Martin closely has great things to say about him.

Trevor plays forward on the basketball team. (Credit: Charlie Seaborn)

Martin was lucky to move into a neighborhood with students that are also in their sophomore year at Western. The first people he met were tenth graders Will Henderson, Duncan Healy, and Henry Lysiak. Henderson and Healy both play sports with him. 

Martin and Duncan both played wide receiver for the junior varsity football team this fall. Duncan loved having him as a teammate. “Trevor is a great teammate to have around, he always makes people laugh,” he said. When asked specifically about his football skills Duncan said, “Sometimes he doesn’t catch the ball, but when he does it’s good.” 

Martin also joined the junior varsity basketball team. James Dahl connected with Martin through their basketball team. When asked about what it was like to be on a team with him, Dahl’s eyes lit up. He captured the energy surrounding Martin explaining, “He brings a sense of community to the team.. he challenges me every practice to try to be better next practice.” Martin greatly appreciates these words but lives up to his competitive nature by challenging Dahl’s spot as the starting center.

Martin has a very interesting basketball pregame ritual. Before every game, he rolls up his shorts a couple of times. Some suspect this is to show off his thighs to the fans in attendance. He didn’t answer when asked about this subject. 

For Martin, being a multi-sport athlete at Western might be ending soon. Martin says that realistically he would most likely have to choose between football and basketball next season. With the varsity basketball team being what some believe the hardest team to make at Western, Martin will most likely look to pursue his career in football. 

Outside of Western, Martin partakes in other athletic events such as VABA rec basketball. He plays on the Cavaliers, a team with many of his good friends. This helps him improve his game and accomplish his goal of winning the championship. 

The weekend this article was written, Martin hit a half-courter at a varsity game halftime to make the crowd go crazy.  He has made a name for himself in a short time.  His positive presence is inspiring, just like his very original motto:  “Life is as fun as you treat it so live like it’s your last day on earth.”