Will Fall Sports Look Different?


Credit: August Lamb

Alex Noth, Staff Writer

With sports on a pause for now,  the question arises about how coronavirus will affect next season at WAHS, and whether we will have athletics at all.  Things could look very different. 

“Contingency plans will be developed to deal with the possible impacts of the coronavirus.  These plans might include a delay to the start of the season, a reduced game schedule, how to handle a possible second wave of the virus,” Athletic Director Steve Heon said.

Cross Country coach Cass Girvin thinks they could train enough because they could do that apart.  Still  he said, “Racing would be tough. I’ve heard one coach in another county suggest that we race individuals on the same course separately and then compare times, but to me that doesn’t seem like a very strong solution, considering cross country is all about head-to-head competition.”

The Virginia High School League is meeting on June 25 to talk about the upcoming fall sports season.