Back On Track: A Conversation With Jack Eliason


Walker Martin, Staff Writer

Jack Eliason is a junior and runs year-round for WAHS.  He currently holds the 10th fastest time in Virginia for the 16oo meter (4:17), and finished 9th out of 79 runners in the 1600 at the Dogwood Track Classic, one of the biggest track meets on the east coast.  Eliason is a leader of the Outdoor Track team, and is a big reason for why they are favored to win another state championship.


WH: What has been your favorite part of track so far?


JE: My favorite part of track is just being able to have established a great relationship with my teammates, and also my coaching staff. They do so much for me, and help improve me and make myself become a better runner. And so I have to give thanks to them for that.  Every day I’m looking forward to being with my teammates and looking forward to contributing to the team in every possible way.


WH: What’s your favorite event, if you have one?


JE: My favorite event just depends on how much I’ve raced the event or not. But if I had to choose

one overall, I always like running the four by 800 relay. And the 3200 is pretty good too,  just whatever event that I’m feeling the most ready to do.


WH: If you weren’t a runner, what would you do?


JE: If I weren’t a runner I’d be a basketball player. I love playing basketball. I love to practice a lot during the weekends and shoot around with my friends, so I’d like to do that, and maybe get involved in some other sports.  Maybe I’d try swimming or just other stuff to stay in shape.


WH: So besides shooting hoops during the weekends, what are some of your hobbies?


JE: I love watching sports.  Even though I don’t read books too often, I love reading books, especially historical fiction or history books. Also, like just being outside a lot, you know, whether it’s like hiking or swimming or biking I love being outside and enjoying all the different seasons.


WH: Have you thought about running in college yet? And if so, where?


JE: I have thought about running in college in the future.  I’ve gotten a few D 1 looks from Virginia, Columbia, Bucknell, and a few other schools. And if I had to choose where to run right now, it’d probably either be UVA or Columbia because both of those schools are really good academically, as well as being schools with great track programs.


WH: Is water wet?

JE: Absolutely. It’s been scientifically proven.


WH: What is your favorite food?


JE: My favorite food or meal is probably like, a hamburger or cheeseburger with

like a fruit salad. Oh, and also some fries, definitely fries.