Review: Hozier’s New EP “Nina Cried Power”


Hozier returned after a long hiatus with his recent EP, “Nina Cried Power”

Abigail Connelly, Copy Editor

Nina Cried Power was released on September 6th and was eagerly received by multitudes of fans both new and old. Hozier’s first album, simply titled “Hozier,” has remained popular since its initial release in 2014. The artist, who hadn’t released music since his debut, surprised fans with the release of four new songs, which will be included in this year’s tour performances. He describes the album as a “thank you note to the spirit and legacy of protest.” The lively top hit “Nina Cried Power” features timely lyrics and the powerful vocals of Mavis Staples. My personal favorite of the four track release is titled “Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue),” a track which harnesses an energy similar to that of “Jackie and Wilson” from his first album. The guitar and drums are a bit heavier in “Moment’s Silence” compared to another song from the EP, “Shrike,” a calming, indie song similar the silky feel of his 2014 hit “Cherry Wine.” Fans can expect a full length album from the artist in 2019.