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Photo By: Lily Marcel

Photo By: Lily Marcel

Sarah Terrill, Math

What’s your background?

I started off as a teacher at Lee Davis High School in Richmond teaching precalculus, Algebra, and Geometry. Just normal math classes. After about 10 years there, I moved to Hanover High School and was there for a couple more years. Then after that we moved back to Crozet, where I grew up. Then I taught at CATEC, I taught math there. Then I went to middle school to teach at Jack Jouett, but I was a part time teacher because I had little kids. This past year I came to teach at Western.


So you went to Western, what was your favorite memory from your time there?

I always remember staying after school and decorating the walls for Spirit Week. It’s always been a big thing and it was so much fun. I remember one year there was a kids theme so all the guys wore bibs and diapers for being babies and the girls wore little dresses with tutus to make them seem super young. It had always been a huge thing.


What teacher had the most impact on you and why?

Mrs. Marshall, my high school English teacher, was just really a great teacher. She really got to know me outside of school. I babysat her kids which was really cool. I remember she would let you re-write your papers and she just gave you an opportunity to keep improving if you wanted to improve. I thought that was really amazing.


Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have two cats and two dogs. One of our summertime things-to-do is fostering animals from the SPCA, that’s how we got our chocolate lab. One time we fostered a mother lab and she had five black puppies and one brown puppy… so we decided we would adopt one of them.


Are you a cat or dog person?

Oh wow… that’s hard. Before I had dogs I would definitely say that I am a cat person, but now that I have two dogs I can’t choose… I love both of them a lot.

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