The Western “WA” as rendered in blue painter’s tape by Visibilia

“Aesthetic Warriors” Strike Again

A new decoration mysteriously appeared in October to adorn the halls of Western: two stairwells off of the cafeteria are now decorated with blue painter’s tape depicting the Western Albemarle logo and the Western warrior. This “authorized graffiti” is the handiwork of the new club Visibilia, also known as Aesthetic Warriors. Influenced by the work of artists such as Banksy, Mariko Mori, and Yayoi Kusama, this new club founded by senior Laura Bendick and junior Hannah Lowe is dedicated to beautifying Western through installation and performance art.

Visibilia completed their first project prior to Spirit Week with their hallway tape installation; now, students are beginning preparations for a larger-scale project. “We’re going to collect bottle caps in the cafeteria to make a mural,” club leader Laura Bendick said. “We made the collection boxes this week, and we’ll start collecting next week.” She anticipates that supplies for the mural won’t be ready until the new year, but art appreciators should keep their eyes peeled for when the Aesthetic Warriors next surface.

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