Golf Explained for Dummies


Eva Massarelli, Features Editor

Marion Alcaro, a senior girl on the Western golf team sat down with a clueless-about-golf staff member at the Western Hemisphere to explain the game. The goal of golf is to be the player with the lowest score. The score is determined by the number of times the person hits the ball; there are one point penalties when the ball is hit out of bounds, like in a pond. The player can tee off or ‘drop’ the ball so they continue playing, but they receive the penalty. The game starts with the golfer teeing off, which means they take a swing and hit the ball at the tee box. The golf ball can not go past the two posts that make up the box. Courses have a par, which means that the player should be able to achieve a hole in that amount of hits.

At Western, the golf season started the last day of July when the team had tryouts. The team is composed of eleven players, only two of which are girls. Our Western Golf team’s home course is at the Old Trail Golf Club where they practice Monday through Thursday afternoons. On Monday, September 18, the team had four players go to districts at Glenmore. The season ended on Wednesday, September 20.