Girls’ Soccer Dominates Competition


Alex Lehmbeck, Managing Sports Editor

The WAHS varsity girls soccer team has continued their dominant start to the season all the way into April. The Warriors are undefeated with a perfect 6-0 record, five of those wins being shutouts.

“We have a lot of well rounded players that can play pretty much anywhere,” junior Savannah Wilson said.

Five games into the season, Western has outscored their opponents by a combined total of 30-1 goals. Lots of the Warriors success on the offensive end can be attributed to the team’s control of the ball.

“We’re a possession oriented team,” junior Elizabeth Fabiano said. “A lot of other teams try to pack it in against us, but I think we’re doing really well trying to get around that.”

Since the first day of the season, there has been one clear focus set by the coaching staff: Conditioning. The Warriors are one of the most athletic teams in the Jefferson District, and that has payed off in late-game situations.

“We’ve been working really hard in practice, doing a lot of fitness,” senior Ava Coles said. “We’re playing a lot faster this year and connecting well.”

Although the Warriors have plenty of wins under their belt, the final stretch of their schedule will be challenging. They still have to play crosstown rival Albemarle Patriots twice, although they already beat them once at the beginning of the year in a scrimmage jamboree event.

“Our competition is really going to come up against Albemarle,” Fabiano said, “because they are really possessive too.”