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The Summer Job Search

Eva Massarelli, Staff Writer

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Looking for a summer job? Hopefully this helps you find out how to get a job that suits you.

How to get a summer job:

  • Connections can help you get a job, so ask some family friends to look out for jobs you could do.
  • If you find a place you would like to work at go in and talk to a person about applying.
  • Also try to accumulate references so your employer can talk to them.

Once you 18 there are no restrictions on where you can work.

If you are 16-17 you may not have a job that has hazardous conditions.

Steps to take to get a job if you are under 16:

Most jobs require a work permit if you are under 16, unless you are working for you parent or babysitting or similar occupations. You can get this by going to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to apply for an employment certificate. There are two types of permits. One allows you to only work when school is off and the other lets you work while school is in session.

To get a permit you must have:

  • A Permission to Employ form filled out by a parent or guardian.
  • A Intent to be Employed form filled out by your employer.
  • Proof of your age form that you and your future employer have to sign.

*Note that every time you switch jobs under 16 you must reapply for a work permit.

Make sure you are eligible to apply for the job or your choice. There are many restrictions on what jobs you can get a minor.

  • You may not get a job that has hazardous or manufacturing workplaces.
  • Furthermore, when schools is out of session teens under 16 can not work more than 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.
  • You are also not allowed to work before 7am or after 7pm until June 1st, when the hours are extended to 9pm. This continues until Labor Day and then switches back to 7pm.
  • Your employers also reserve the right to pay people under the age of 20 below the minimum wage for the first 90 days of employment. The wage can go as low as $4.25 per hour.

Where can you find a job:

Job opportunities for teens:

  • Babysitting / Pet-sitting
  • Mowing lawns
  • Some places will hire if you have a work permit, such as Mudhouse, BurritOh, and the Crozet Creamery.
  • Kroger with a work permit

Job opportunities:

  • Life guarding
  • Work in restaurants as a dishwasher
  • Work on a farm
  • Camp counselors
    • Camps that you used to go to like to hire former campers. Most camps hire 18 year olds and over.

Job alternatives:

  • Internships. Ask Mrs. Padron or your guidance counselor for help if you can not find any that interests you.
  • Volunteering
    • Albemarle paramedics
    • Discovery Museum
    • Habitat store
    • Help out at the UVA hospital gift shop

Troubles with finding a job:

  • Make sure to get a job that you will not dread going to, because this is how you will be spending your summer.
  • You may not get the job you imagined at first, but any job is good for when you apply for your next.
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