Wyeth Ward Makes a Classroom Her Canvas

Madeleine Andrews, Staff Writer

Freshman Wyeth Ward is dedicating her time to paint the resource room’s walls. During Spirit Week she used her artistic ability to help to freshmen class decorate their halls and design their dragon mural. Soon after Spirit Week Wyeth was approached with a project by Mr. Keyser. “A few days after Spirit Week a teacher came up to me and said that he saw the freshman mural, and he wondered if I wanted to paint his classroom,” Wyeth explains.

There is a request of a beach theme that Wyeth tries express in her art, along with her other designs.“There are a bunch of panels on the wall, and because I had so many different ideas I decided to make them all into one big mural with different sections.” Wyeth has had support from some people, but has mostly completed the walls by herself.

She is currently almost half way done with painting the two walls in the room. “I get to paint it every study hall for an hour, and after school about three days a week,” Ward said. All of her time committed to this project will soon pay off. Ward is looking forward to seeing her finished work of art, light up the classroom.