Adeline Sandridge Nominated for Emily Couric Scholarship


Madeleine Andrews, Staff Writer

Western offers many scholarship opportunities to students, and one of them is the Emily Couric Scholarship. According to School Counselor, Shelby Poole, “It’s probably the biggest scholarship in our local area for our local students.” This scholarship offers $5,000 to the nominee from Western, who can then continue on to receive $30,000 towards a college of her choice. “Emily Couric herself created the scholarship. When she was diagnosed with cancer she wanted to start this foundation for other young girls who have this leadership potential. She was able to be at the first award ceremony, and she died shortly after that,” said Shelby Poole.

This scholarship is offered to Western students. This year, Adeline Sandridge is Western’s nominee for the Emily Couric Scholarship. Sandridge was one of many girls who went through the application and interview process. In this process the girls participating had to exhibit valuable characteristics, one of which is leadership.

“The person that we are looking for has to be a leader, not just in school but in their community, in their personal life, in the role that they play in society as a whole both here at WAHS and in their family, church and town,” Zoë Padrón said.

As Western’s nominee, Sandridge holds numerous leadership positions in and out of the Western community. “I do a lot of work with the Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s, and also with the Wounded Warrior Project and assimilating soldiers and veterans when they come back to the United States into society again. That has been a really good leadership experience… getting that experience with adults is a big thing. At church I’m the president of our youth group and of our youth council that plans activities. Here at Western I do things like Leadership, County Council, I’m president of Spanish Club, I’m president of the Young Conservatives Club, and a lot of other activities.” Sandridge said.

“I have been looking at The Batten School, which is UVA’s Leadership and Public Policy School. They have really great programs that you can get your masters in Public Policy which deals with leadership and analyzing the way businesses and government bureaucracies work,” Sandridge said, as she looked forward to the future. “Leadership has always been one of my favorite things so I’m hoping to continue that, and this is a big step.”