Love Island Might Just be Your Cup of Tea


Credit: Digital Spy

Love Island UK cast of 2018

Zoey Sauerwein, Assistant Editor

Despite its status as a trashy British reality show, “Love Island” is a series that deserves a mention. First aired in  2015, the show’s premise is based on the idea that love is best formed isolated on an island. Although there are other versions of the show that take place in other countries, “Love Island ” UK is uniquely entertaining because of the thick, barely comprehensible accents.

Five women and five men are on an island with the goal of having the best connection in the villa. These islanders spend all day conversing with their fellow islanders, coupling up, and sleeping in the same beds for one entire summer. Throughout the show, islanders who haven’t dated successfully get dumped from the island. In addition, new islanders, “bombshells” enter the villa, steal other people’s significant others, and cause drama. 

 These elements lead to endless entertainment for fans of the show. Most couples that form during the show end up breaking up within the year after their time on the island; however, some withstand the test of being in a real relationship. 2019 “Love Island” participants Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, and Molly-Mae Hague recently announced the birth of their new baby. In addition, Lucie Donlan and Luke Mabbott did not compete in the same season as each other, but ended up dating and announced a recent engagement. 

Without a doubt the best part of the show is a segment called Casa Amor. The boys from the original villa leave undetected by the girls and go to a brand-new neighboring villa. Upon finding out that the old boys are missing, the girls are introduced to a brand new set of boys, and the boys are introduced to a new set of girls at Casa Amor. They spend three days getting to know new people and cheating on their old couplings while not having contact with the other villa. When the boys return, they can choose to bring a Casa Amor girl back, or just go back to their original girl in the villa who also has the option to choose between a new boy or stay. The experience ends with the couples that stayed together justifying it by saying they were “testing” their relationships.

Although “Love Island” is seen to be a show based on non-committal people with no depth, there are occasional moments that stand out to be astoundingly stupid. For example, when Hayley Hughes had a conversation about Brexit her main concerns were Britain losing all of their trees, not being able to go on Holiday, and what “EU” means. 

“Love Island” is not completely clueless to its reputation. The narrator, Ian Stirling, plays into these stereotypes by making fun of the entire show and its contestants during dates, challenges, and conversions. For these and many other reasons, “Love Island” remains the most entertaining show on the air.