Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” Takes Center Stage at WAHS


Kylee Hughes (Lavender), Molly Cafagno (Hortensia), and Aneesa Chandra (Alice) rehearse their lines after school.

Olivia Moore, Staff Writer

Drama’s musical, “Matilda,” is preparing for its performances between April 20th and 23rd. “Matilda” is a lively and enthusiastic play, following Matilda, a child prodigy who navigates life with incredibly stupid parents, a child-hating principal, and far too much brain power for one little girl.

Caitlin Pitts, the Drama teacher, is running the show, along with Abigail Smith, who teaches vocals, Liz Vaughn, who directs the orchestra, and Denny Barberio, who runs sound. Their cast includes Trudy Brement, starring as Matilda, Natacha Jacques, as Ms. Honey, Audrey Scialla, as Ms. Truchbull, Jackson Davis as Mr. Wormwood, and Zoey Sauerwein as Mrs. Wormwood.

When comparing last year’s musical, “Mamma Mia,” to “Matilda,” Pitts said, “It’s similar in scale. It’s going to be a really big show. The set will be big and the cast is really big.” There are 54 students in the cast, along with their tech team that builds the sets.

Pitts is very excited for this performance. “One of the sort of themes of it is kids triumphing over adults. It’s this very fun, kind of ferocious kid energy. And so that’s going to come out in the dancing and the songs and I’m really looking forward to that,” Pitts said.

Brement also loves the musical, and its spirit and passion. “I think it’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot of dancing. Very high energy. And I’m really happy this is our senior musical,” she said.
Both Brement and Jacques are extremely happy to have participated in it at Western.

“This has been probably the closest family I have to my own family in the past four years and they have been so supportive of me for all four years of Western,” Jacques said.
As like any year, Pitts finds this show bittersweet, as it’s the last show for the drama department’s seniors. “I’m going to be so sad to see our seniors leave this year. They’re very, very talented, but also they’re great people and they’re very dedicated. And they work so hard and they take so much initiative,” Pitts said.

Brement and Jacques have conflicting feelings about leaving as well.

“I would say I am sad about leaving, for sure. But I’m embracing the community and opportunity I have right now and making the best of it,” Brement said.

“It’s going to be my last time so there’s a little bit of pressure to really make the most of it. But I’m also excited to pass the baton on to my younger best friends in the department,” Jacques commented.

“Matilda” will be performed at Western on April 20th-23rd, and information about tickets can be found on Western’s website and on their Instagram page.