The Western Hemisphere

Coon Hunting with Owen

Ruby Neisser, Staff writer

May 30, 2015

John Grinnell, known as Owen and has done very well in the “coon dog” hunting competitions, earning titles for several of his dogs. Grinnell  said “My oldest male (he is eleven years old), he has his grand night champion and my four year old female is just a night champion.” From a very young...

Under Pressure: We’re All Tumbling Down

Under Pressure: We're All Tumbling Down

Patrick Andrews, Editor-in-Chief

January 7, 2015

In an academic environment driven by the prospect of success and getting into a prestigious college or university, it is far too common for students, parents, and teachers to lose sight of the true purpose of education: to allow students to pursue what they are passionate about. When this happens, students lo...

In a Different Direction

Valerie Hajek and Julia Elder, Staff Writers

June 4, 2014

Ashley Fox Many students head straight to college after high school, but senior Ashley Fox will be traveling another path.  After hearing the recommendations of her brother’s good friend, Ashley decided that taking a half gap year this fall semester to travel to Indonesia would be a perfect fit fo...

Life on Open Waters

Nina steering her laser with the help of the wind.

Eme Massarelli

April 25, 2014

As  a native to North Carolina, Nina Willms is no stranger to the sailing and beach life culture. “I’ve gone to Camp Seafarer for Girls since I was very young, and that’s where I started sailing,” Willms said. The thrill of being out on the open water, and having to constantly stay alert...

Is Dor Hananel the Next Tony Stark?

Dor Hananel and Sophie Salomon work on the design of their team's robot.

Patrick Andrews, Editor-in-Chief

April 16, 2014

Walking next to him, you would have thought that Dor Hananel was a regular person. Looking at him, you would immediately notice his well-worn blue jeans, New Balance tennis shoes, a black, green, or dark blue zip-up hoodie with an ordinary t-shirt underneath. He walks through the halls of school with...

Student and Faculty Thoughts on Cheating and Cyberbullying

Tommy Lee and Josh Meeks check a phone during TAB.

Patrick Andrews, Editor-in-Chief

December 13, 2013

You know the big blue bird and the all too familiar white “f.” You’ve tweeted, retweeted, chatted, “snapchatted,” “facebooked,”  blogged, Skyped, commented, posted, liked, disliked, friend requested, hashtagged, instagrammed and pinned items to your favorite boards. Be honest, you’ve...