Credit: Walter Moak

Brian O’Dea (left) and Walker Martin (right), respectively.

The Hat Piece

This comprehensive list is our objective review of all types of hats. We left out religious headwear on purpose, and if you feel like we missed any important genre of hat then please notify the writers or a member of the staff and we would be happy to discuss. However, it is of our opinion that we have covered all our bases by also including different styles of each type of hat within their respective paragraphs. The validity of our research, like any scientific finding, is dependent upon the transparency we have with you, our reader, about how we conducted said research and the trust you have in us to have completed it in good faith. That being said, we dedicated ourselves to the authenticity of our work and to its accuracy. We created different categories to base each genre off of. The categories of comfort, style, and versatility in social settings were graded out of 10. While the categories of ability to block sun, wear backwards, and with sunglasses were simple yes or no answers with short descriptions. 

Photo illustrations by Opal Kendall

Baseball Cap
Newsboy Cap
Flat Brim
Top Hat
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