The History and Thievery of Bagels


Bagel sale popularity is soaring in Western. The favored TAB treat has people lining up everyday, and the smell can be traced all around the cafeteria. Everywhere students look, people have bagels in their hands. But did everyone pay for them?

In the beginning there were donuts. Dozens of donuts were enjoyed every day by students all around the school. But six years ago, when the county put in the new rules about what can and cannot be sold, donuts were at the top of the list, sending clubs scrambling to keep customers. Now, it’s a continuing tradition at Western to sell bagels for fundraising. Many clubs and classes sell them, alternating between weeks.

As time has progressed, so has the bagel selling system. What used to be a clash of people forming a mob has condensed into a controlled line of management. This line formation is also known to limit thefts. In past years while counting bagel sale income, small numbers were not adding up. Maybe the cost of one bagel, sometimes more, depending on the day. But it’s not easy to draw a conclusive number. With cream cheese also for sale, the numbers could also be coming from them. Was cream cheese also being stolen?

Meanwhile, because of the line people are required to stand and wait for the bagel. This is making it more difficult to steal, and forcing all customers to walk a path past the watching eyes of those selling. Could this be the leading factor in bagel theft reduction?

Bookkeeper Tammie Hamilton believes it may be, but not the only reason. “Clubs would sell up to 15 dozen bagels a day.” This was during the height of bagel dominance in the cafeteria. Now she says the number has fallen.

So, could the theft reduction also be due to lack in interest? This would be statistically better for the clubs, but not a good sign for bagels. How popular are bagels if they aren’t being stolen? Perhaps it’s because people are saving money for after school pizza.

Despite the falling numbers, senior William Sukovich says that “People like bagels. They’ll be here for a while.”